Least Stressful Jobs

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In preparation for my Organizational Behavior class I’m teaching at Washington University in St. Louis tonight, I’m doing some research on organizational change and job stress.  Our Robbins Organizational Behavior text pointed me to an article about low stress jobs.  Imagine my surprise when it listed Education/Training Consultant as the number one least stressful jobs!  Some days I believe that is true – I love what I do, I love the flexibility I have, I love helping people learn and grow … Other days, though, I have to be honest.  I’m pretty darn stressed out!  Deadlines to meet, clients to satisfy, preparation, preparation, preparation … making sure I know my stuff, have the timing nailed, look the part, etc.

So what do you think?  Workplace learning and performance professionals – do we have some of the least stressful jobs out there?  Please share your thoughts!  Also, please share your best techniques for managing your stress and taking advantage of the flexibility we have and the wonderful opportunities to make people’s lives better.  Thanks!

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